Have you ever heard of the rose that grew from concrete?  Defying the odds and choosing to allow her circumstances to work for her and not against her, is what has assisted in the growth and development of Tamika Lynch.  Keeping dreams alive, learning over time to become confident in her own abilities, and learning to survive against the law of nature has contributed to the development and beginning of this movement.

Women of Audacity was founded by Tamika Lynch and is dedicated to helping and encouraging women to find and reach their full potential by taking the first step in learning to live out their own truths. Women of audacity is purposed to strengthen, encourage, and assist with shaping the lives of all women in learning to live a purpose-driven life.  

Women of Audacity seeks to empower other women, just as the rose that grew from concrete, to arise in the midst of challenges in no longer accepting society’s expectations about who we ought to be; but to take a stand in becoming who we were created and destined to be.  

Mission Statement: To inspire and encourage all women to emancipate themselves from the truths and opinions of others. Women of Audacity is committed to encouraging every woman to find solace in learning to define her own truth in order to live a life of authenticity. 


Vision Statement: Women of Audacity's responsibility is to advocate for the betterment of women across the world by providing resources and tools to help improve their personal, social, and professional lives.  Women of Audacity seeks to foster a supportive and empowering atmosphere for all women that encourages a living a life of authenticity.  This quest for individual truth will encompass identifying one’s own beliefs, values, and ideas through reconnection with self. 

Beautiful - India Arie