Stepping out on faith!

We made it! The vision for Women of Audacity was given to me roughly 6 months ago, and today is the day that I decided to walk in faith and GO LIVE! I can honestly admit that the past 6 months have not been easy. My mind as well as my thoughts have been racing and I've experienced my share of fears regarding how successful this could or could not be. But on today I made a choice. I made a choice in knowing that regardless of the anticipated outcome, the possibility of impacting change in the life of at least one person makes it all worth it.

Taking on this responsibility has already required me to be taken outside of my comfort zone but I am very easily reminded of a comment made by a professor while in graduate school. She stated "You sometimes have to allow yourself to be placed into uncomfortable situations in order to move ahead". As I move forward in this journey, albeit uncomfortable, I am both nervous and full of excitement about the many women who I am destined to come into contact with. Although not something that I would have typically chosen to do, it is something which has chosen me. On today I am left with a much deeper understanding that this is something that I need to do. If but for a moment we could allow ourselves to operate outside of ourselves and familiar territory, we'd come that much closer to discovering our true purpose. I am blessed to know that I have been chosen to do some very purposeful things thus far; but I stand today more confident than ever that I now know what my true purpose is!

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