Taking Risks


Taking risks can turn out lovely, or they can leave you feeling like the biggest failure. Admitting that our best wasn’t good enough is hard to do, but is not all that bad. Life is about taking risks. We will never come to know or experience success or our ability to achieve at a higher level if we at first don’t take risks.

But, I must admit that taking risks sometimes involves a little pain. Sometimes the risks that we take don’t exactly pan out the way that we had expected, but falling is good. Falling is good because when we take the initiative to get back up, we are saying to ourselves and to our situation that we have resiliency, strength, and that we are buoyant.

Most people see me and they assume that starting a business was the biggest risk that I have ever had to take. I beg to differ. One of the biggest risks that I have ever had to take involved staying true to myself; daring to live this thing called life MY way. In staying true to myself, I have always remained respectful of others for there is no right or wrong way of doing anything. But daring to live life in my own way has usually involved rejecting the notion of conformity; conformity in relation to the expectations and opinions of others. It took some time, but I can now say that I recognize my own uniqueness and ability to make informed decisions for my own life instead of allowing others to make decisions for me.

How Did I Get There?

This can only happen when we can get to a place where we can truly learn to accept ourselves for who we are; both good and bad. I accept my dark skin. I accept my kinky hair. I accept that my way has not better than others, but that it has only been different. I accept that at times, my personality can be a bit strong and I sometimes come across as being too independent. I accept that I haven’t always done everything right, but that I still have a lot more living to do and time in which to improve.

I am no longer concerned with appeasing people. I am no longer concerned about who approves of my results or the way in which I choose to live my life. I am not even concerned about how well this article will be received.

I stand today reassured that with every achievement and with every failure in my life, that my life truly is EXTRAordinary! There are a lot of things that I have done that I wasn’t quite sure of—getting married, starting a family, becoming an entrepreneur, and now venturing out to empower women. But, I am so glad that I decided against restricting myself to what felt ‘comfortable’ for me and started living life outside of the box; even if it meant making a few mistakes. No one else can tell you what’s better for you than what you already know to be true. And even when you try, you may sometimes feel that your best isn’t good enough. But I've been sent to tell you that although your best may not have been good enough for others, that it will always be good enough for YOU!

  • Trust In Yourself - Go with your gut

  • Be Uniquely You - Even when it is the unpopular thing to do

  • Take Risks – Fall in love with yourself and your own ideas even when they don’t make sense

  • Benefit - from the rewards of productivity or the reward in making mistakes

  • Dare to live!

I am okay in knowing that everyone will not always appreciate, respect, or approve of anything that I do. However, I approve of myself and I approve this message!

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