Holding On Ain't Easy.....

You’ve been waiting on something. You’ve been in prayer about something that you have yet to see the full manifestation of. You’ve been enduring as a good soldier, and more often than not you’ve felt that your very best has never been good enough. And no matter how bad you want to just give up and say "screw it", everybody around you keeps telling you to hold on. Sound familiar? We all have been there and for most of us, we currently find ourselves yet holding on—holding on to the ropes of life which are seemingly so stretched and thin that the idea of the rope snapping at any moment no longer seems like a bad idea. If I can be transparent but for a moment, I’d tell you that I too have been in prayer for something near and dear to my heart. I too have been waiting and in all of my waiting have questioned myself time and time again if my waiting has been in vain. I too have tried and tried to put forth “works” for we all know that faith without works is dead. And still in all of my doing, nothing has happened.

But what do you do when you feel that you just can’t hold on anymore? The truth is, letting go is sometimes the better option! Yes, letting go. You may say this this makes no sense at all. Or, if you’re anything like me you’d probably say that you wouldn’t mind letting go but because you’ve been holding on for so long, you don’t know how to let go. It seems like a very daunting task, I know. And it takes much love (for yourself) and an ample amount of courage to do this but I challenge you as I challenge myself to try it. It’s something which sounds very simple, seems so hard, but may be life-changing. It is in this process of letting go that we actually become stronger. Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care. Letting go doesn’t mean that you’ve given up. Letting go simply says that you can’t do this alone; and for that matter why should you have to? Letting go simply implies that you wish to further invest in your own happiness in no longer being bound to a person, your thoughts, or to a thing. Saying “no” is healthy. Admitting that you are tired and fatigued is acceptable. Saying “yes” to your own happiness and well-being is not selfish; it’s called self-love.

You thought that you exemplified what it meant to be a strong woman by holding on—holding on to that prayer, that person, that situation, or that thing. The reality is that holding isn’t the best way to measure your inner strength; your ability to let go is.

Note to all women: Your load is my load is our load. Competing with one another is unnecessary so instead let’s empower and uplift one another in whatever season of life that we find ourselves in. We all have a few things in common including the fact that we are all women, life happens which causes us to feel, and the fact remains that we need each other more often than what we think. When one woman wins, we ALL win!

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