The Beauty Of Waiting

About 2 months ago, I was led to write about the difficulties of holding on. Holding on to a promise before ever seeing it manifest is not an easy thing to do. Just as you, there are some things very near and dear to me which have come by way of a promise that I have yet to see the full manifestation of with the natural eye. It is important to note that human beings are driven by a very powerful force called instant or immediate gratification. Others refer to it as the ‘pleasure principle’. In most cases, we would be willing to sacrifice future greatness in order to satisfy a “right now” feeling. I know this to be true and I can speak to this freely and openly because not very long ago, that was me.

Why are we in such a rush? Why is our ability to envision the distant future such a daunting task in the sense that we would risk it all for short term rewards? Could it be that we have not yet reached full maturity? I will not tell a lie and say that waiting is not difficult. It has been very difficult for me but more importantly, it has been necessary. Learning to wait has shown me a great deal about who I am. Waiting has allowed me to put some things into perspective. It has taught me a great deal about what truly matters.

To be perfectly honest, waiting has always been a part of God’s plan for my life. Waiting has its way of drawing you closer to God. It has resulted in spending more time on my knees in prayer than complaining with my mouth. I realize that in all of my waiting, I had demonstrated little to no signs of maturity. There is no denying that with each new day I was aging. But, I had to examine myself and ask if I was maturing. I now understand that aging and growing up are two completely different things!

A fully mature person is able to accept delay and understands that in this life, timing is everything. A delay does not necessarily mean that something has been denied. I would repeat this to myself almost daily, but never really received it in my heart. But with both time and more experience, I have begun to appreciate the power and the beauty of waiting. I realize that a delay is a clear indication that you are worth more than what it is you are expecting and that you are being prepared for something much greater.

So with all of this learning, where do I now find myself?

I now find myself in a place where I no longer feel as though I am in a race against time. I am now in a place where I understand that just as an artist takes his time in designing his true masterpiece that God does the same. I am His masterpiece and I welcome Him to take as much time as needed to finish me no matter how long the process. I now find myself having a much greater respect for the process instead of only being concerned with and moved by an expected outcome. I can now say that I fully embrace the process.

I challenge anyone who may be reading this to trust as well as embrace your process. Your promise is on its way and your waiting has not been in vain. Redirect your focus and think yourself happy while waiting. Although the wait or process may seem painful, there is beauty on the other side.

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