No More To Give

When we hear the word “sacrifice”, we immediately begin to picture giving all that we have so that in turn, someone else may benefit. Upon hearing this word, your mind will sometimes begin to paint you a visual picture such as a soldier enlisting in the military willing to sacrifice his very own life for his country. Or, you may visualize a mother or father wearing smiles while in the presence of their children but who have been internally shaken at the thought of not knowing how the rent will be paid or where the next meal is coming from. The law of sacrifice says that you cannot obtain anything until you have first given up something. But what happens when you’ve sacrificed all that you have to give only to receive nothing in return?

For some of us, sacrifice began as early as childhood and has become so much of a part of us, that it is one of the only things that we know to do—and we do it well. For others, major sacrifices may not have begun until early or late adulthood. Regardless of the time of onset, it’s a very uncomfortable feeling to know how you’d give until you can’t give anymore with absolutely no guarantees. I too have some experience this word called sacrifice and I can tell you that in having been in that place of seeing no manifestation, things began to happen. Lack of evidence will leave you feeling broken, less than, disappointed, inadequate, and even un-worthy. Yes, I said it. You can sacrifice so much for so long with there being no manifestation or evidence that you will fool yourself into believing that maybe this is life.

Well, I have been sent to inform you that this is NOT life. For every major disappointment and for the time in which you have had to wait, Believe that something is happening in the universe for you right now! Believe that you are deserving of it and that for all that you have been required to give, it has not been in vain and has its purpose. Believe that in all that you’ve sacrificed, that you will soon be tapping in and living out of your dreams!

Sacrifice in this life is most times inevitable; something which we cannot escape. I will not sell you on the idea sacrifice is easy because it isn’t. I will also tell you that you will have frequent moments where you will begin to question “Why am I always being required to give so much”. These feelings and questions are all normal and okay. I’d like to call it “being human”. But, I’d like to leave you with one question regarding the many sacrifices that you’ve had to make, the disappointments you’ve had to encounter, the hurt, pain, and embarrassment that you may have felt.

And the question is: “How committed are you”? How committed are you to making your dreams become your reality?

Whatever it is that you have had to endure or are presently in the process of enduring, be encouraged on today that THIS TOO SHALL PASS! Stand in expectation of nothing less than what has been promised to you; a life of good health, happiness, and prosperity. Your process is soon going to work for you instead seeming as though it has been against you.

I believe that YOU are next in line!

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